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Jul. 16th, 2007 | 01:56 am
mood: happyhappy

Under a Banyan TreeCollapse )

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Damn You Mexican Food

May. 30th, 2007 | 07:10 pm
mood: blahstuffed

Why must I continue to eat you even when I am full?


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The Traveler

Apr. 2nd, 2007 | 09:22 pm
location: Homework Covered Desk
mood: cheerfulcheerful

I love reading The Arkansas Traveler. It excels at so many things. Like:

- Misquoting
- Reporting half information, old information, and/or heavily typo-ed information
- Stating the obvious
- Outright lying to have something to write about
- Having extended letter to the editor fights about non-issues

It's also got a su doku puzzle for wasting time. What else could you ask for from a student paper?

I honestly do like reading it - it's very entertaining. It wakes me up in the morning for 7:30 am Thermodynamics. And once in a blue moon it has useful information in it. But mostly, I like it because it makes me laugh.

One of today's front page headlines: "NORML member under suspicion of marijuana use"

I'm not sure why this is news, but it made picking up the paper worth it. :P

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I hate homework

Feb. 10th, 2007 | 12:14 pm
mood: hungryhungry

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I'm Here to Inquire About Your Spoons

Jan. 21st, 2007 | 12:04 pm
mood: sleepysleepy
music: Remember Me As a Time of Day - Explosions in the Sky

This morning I went down to the Quad Dining Hall to eat brunch. As always, there were pieces of paper at all of the lines explaining what was in each trough of grease. These pieces of paper are printed off everyday and occasionally someone puts a completely unrelated and often quite idiotic picture above the list of available slop.

Today, above the list of available salads, there was a picture of Salad Fingers, looking down upon tuna salad and indeterminate fruit yogurt.

I wonder if the person who made it knew what they were putting on the list, or if they just googled salad?

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Good Grief

Jan. 11th, 2007 | 11:22 am
mood: boredbored

Federal Way schools restrict Gore film:

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Oh, Nebraska

Dec. 26th, 2006 | 05:14 pm
location: Valentine
mood: geekygeeky

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This nonsense brought to you by the cancellation of anthropology class

Nov. 17th, 2006 | 11:21 am
mood: cheerfulcheerful

Two Names You Go By:
1. Rachel
2. Rachel-Lee (one word)

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. Comfy jeans
2. My favorite white socks

Two Things You Would Want in a Relationship:
1. Laughter
2. Friendship

Two of Your Favorite Things to do:
1. Eat
2. Sleep

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
1. More space in my dorm room for cooking supplies and books
2. Time to use the cooking supplies and to read the books

Two pets you had/have:
1. Tucker
2. Xio

Two people who will fill this out:
1. Probably
2. No one

Two things you did last night:
1. Ate tamales at Does!
2. Ignored homework

Two People that live in your house:
1. Whitney
2. Jordan

Two things you ate today:
1. Taquitos
2. Just Taquitos

Two people you Last Talked To:
1. Mitzi
2. Dr. Allison

Two Things You're doing tomorrow:
1. Cooking a Pre-Thanksgiving Feast
2. Hanging out with friends I hardly get to see :D

Two longest car rides:
1. Corpus Christi, TX to Lynch, NE
2. Gentry, AR to all of Michigan

Two Favorite Holidays:
1. Christmas
2. Halloween

Two favorite beverages:
1. Water
2. Frozen Mochas at RZs

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Oct. 6th, 2006 | 09:49 am
mood: workingworking

The U of A daily headlines always end with a "thought du jour." I kind of thought today's was interesting (or at least not as lame as usual), so:

“Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing.” – John Erskine

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Oh, of course

Sep. 30th, 2006 | 10:48 am

Yesterday Whitney and I went down to the Old Main lawn.

At the price of learning:
-That taking the Bible anything but completely literally makes you a liar,
-That 'believing' in 'nature' makes you a sinner,
-That Mount St Helens proves any doubts about time lines in the bible, and
-That "science" should always be put in quotation marks,

We got one cup each of free Shaky's Custard.

I think it probably took us a total of 2 minutes to get our yummy chocolateness and leave. Yay for living off of free food.

Back to homework, I guess.

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